Top Website Hosting Reviews and Recommendations

Hey everyone, Rob here again and today I wanted to talk about website hosting. This post will be in large part my opinion or review of specific web hosts that I have used. Why I like and use the web hosting providers I use and why I no longer care to use a specific web host.

Hosting is an absolute necessity for internet marketers, bloggers or website enthusiasts. That said I believe most of us consider all website hosting to be the same, however nothing could be further from the truth.

What is the ultimate deciding factor for you when choosing a web host? Price, features, functionality, interface or all of the above?

For me it’s all of the above but I’m not as focused on price, depending on what purpose a specific web host serves for me. Those of us who own a lot of domains and want to diversify our IP addresses are probably looking for cheap shared website hosting that features the C Panel interface. I personally love C Panel, can’t imagine not having it and refuse to host my websites where C Panel is not available on entry level hosting.

C Panel makes interacting with your host super easy and greatly simplifies working with your website’s HT Access file, setting up email addresses, parking domains or using add on domains.

Website Hosting Providers I Currently Use!

HostYoo website hosting is what I consider cheap hosting, it’s like 3.33 per month or $40 for an entire year. I really like the idea of paying annually so I don’t have to think about my hosting account on a monthly basis. Paying in bulk like that usually saves you money regardless of what web host you use. I have been using this company for a year and a half, and have never experienced any down time that I am aware of.

Host Gator is one of the largest hosting companies in the world – or so I’m told. True or not that doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is customer service and website up time, and I have never had a service issue with them, as in no measurable website down time, which is highly encouraging and referral worthy. They have raised their prices though, on my hosting reseller package and on their dedicated IP addresses. Dedicated IP addresses use to be $2 per month through Host Gator and now have increased to $4 per month. So while SSL certificates have gotten really inexpensive, the dedicated IP addresses required for the certificate are increasing, allegedly due to the global demand for IP addresses.

Name Cheap website hosting actually fits in two categories for me. I used to use them, stopped for a bit and then started using them again when I migrated a website from Site Ground. In April 2016 I bought one year of value hosting from Name Cheap for $9.88 which is a fantastic price for one year of hosting. These low introductory prices are what you need to be on the lookout for. Just make sure you know what the cost is going to elevate to so you’re ready to migrate if necessary.

Website Hosting Providers I Have Used in the Past.

I’m sure like some of you reading this I have been online for a while and have used many hosting companies. The companies below were just fine but I either left seeking greener pastures, better known as more cost effective hosting or quit the service because I no longer had the need for it, better known as a hiatus from websites. was a webhost I used way back in the day. My understanding is they are out of business now, hey whatever.

Go Daddy – while I love Go Daddy commercials and have spent a lot of money with them on domains and some on hosting I ended up moving on to greener pastures. I feel as though their price on Who Is privacy protection for domains is way too high when compared to other domain registrars and I also think their domains are over-priced.

Furthermore their entry level hosting interface was not C Panel (at least when I hosted with them) which made performing certain tasks (such as modifying your HT Access file) extremely difficult and more hassle than it was worth. I will say that they were a steady and reliable web host with outstanding customer support but you kind of pay for it if you register all your domains there at full retail price. Go Daddy is a great company but a little too pricey for those frugal folks like me.

Site Ground – I only used Site Ground for one year. They were a great web host based on my experience but I got in with them on a cheap entry level price. However when it came time to renew I decided to move on to a more cost effective web host.

In all honesty and based on my own experience I have never (thankfully) suffered a bad experience with any web hosting company. I would recommend you do your own due diligence and try out a few if you have the patience, time and money. If you are just simply looking for a cost effective solution to domains, hosting, Who Is domain privacy protection and SSL certificates then I encourage you to take a serious look at Name Cheap. I moved the majority of my domains to Name Cheap almost 5 years ago and I am still thrilled with their service and prices. Happy hosting!