Improved Application of and Reasons to Buy PBN Links

Do you prefer ranking your websites and making money or internet anonymity?

That really is the most important question. What I intend to do in this post is to obliterate any misconceptions, preconceived notions or stigmas you may have about using PBN links with quality information. I will tell you why I believe PBN links work today and will continue to work in the future and show you a diversification plan for using PBN links.

What PBNs really are!

I think we should start by acknowledging what PBN links really are. In a very simplified way they are nothing more than guest posts. A lot of SEOs seem really for guest posts but really against PBNs. I can’t wrap my head around that mentality. The reality is they are one in the same, just on a different scale but they serve the same purpose, which is to get back links.

Why do people say PBN links are risky, bad or will get your site banned? Honestly because they can be risky, as risky as just about any other link Google or any search engine does NOT want to count in your favor. It hurts to lose back links, any potent back link for that matter not just PBNs.

PBN links are not bad! These links are no worse than any other back link and are no more black hat than any other type of link that is designed to manipulate search results. Let’s face it folks, we have all been manipulated and fed bad information because search engines like Google want us to pay for advertising.

If you take nothing else away from this post make sure you understand this, Google doesn’t give a shit if you ever rank! This whole white hat, black hat thing is way overblown. I’m pretty certain Google’s terms of services declares that no webmaster is to perform activities in an attempt to manipulate search results, yet we all do it. Anyone who buys links or pays an SEO service is attempting to manipulate search results, period!

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You can declare yourself white hat because you only do outreach or because you provided a guest post but you’re still trying to accomplish the same end, a higher search engine rank. Can you imagine the economic impact on the internet marketing space if links no longer mattered?

  • Common Private Blog Network link objections
     “They said” these types of links are too risky!
     “They said” these types of links will get your site banned!
     “They said” PBNs are black hat SEO.

Safer Methods for Using PBN Backlinks?

Buy PBN links and use them to boost your web 2.0s, citations or social profiles, use them through 301 redirects, stop being so close minded or having tunnel vision. Put some thought into this, not just PBN links but all backlinks. There is always more than one way to do something.

How far is too far?

There are plenty of people willing to do whatever it takes to rank their websites and make money. These people are not just shady black hat hackers hiding away in a dark room somewhere. They are legitimate business owners who are not afraid to go as far as they have to in order to support their family.

Are you willing to do the same, even if these necessary actions infringe on your previous or false misconceptions? If you are not then perhaps internet marketing is not for you.