The Essential Guide to Keyword Research!

Most seasoned internet marketers will tell you that keyword research is the foundation of any good website and is one of the most important tasks you will ever perform. Some may argue that all keyword research tools rely on old data or searches that have already happened. While I agree with that theory I also believe that keyword research tools are a necessity to any serious internet marketer.

After all, if you’re going to be promoting a product or service you should at least have a good idea of what people have searched for in the past. This information will at least help serve as a guide moving forward. Some marketers have even gone as far as saying focusing on keywords is stupid. While there may be some validity to such a statement I prefer to at least accomplish some keyword research. I have never had content rank without performing at least some keyword research.

Today I would like to share a list of methods you can use for your own keyword-research, both paid and free.

People love free so we’ll start there

The Google suggest tool is a pretty powerful free tool. All you do is start typing in your search query on and you see suggestions pop up. Don’t be afraid to explore this avenue. While these may not be the highest competition or most frequently searched keywords they serve as at least a good starting point. If you’re new to the internet marketing scene then I suggest you start with low competition phrases.

Google related searches is another powerful free aid. Every search you perform on Google or other major search engine usually returns up to ten searches related to the search you just performed. Don’t discount the strength of this method. Typically websites rank for many keywords or phrases so if you can achieve one of these rankings and provide a quality user experience then you will likely find yourself ranking in these related searches.

Now let’s delve into the paid keyword tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Some people love this tool and some people hate it. The facts are this tool used to be free for anyone who had an Adwords account. My understanding now is that Google is now deliberately withholding information from those who do not have any active Google Adwords advertising campaigns. I have heard recommendations on work arounds for this issue which perhaps we’ll cover in future content.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

I’m quite certain that any internet marketer who has been on the scene for a while has either heard of, used or is still using Long Tail Pro. I have heard great things about this keyword research tool and have tried it myself. Long Tail Pro seems to be very robust and useful to those who produce content on a regular basis.

However if you’re like me and your focus is scattered over many different websites then Long Tail Pro may not be the tool for you. I only say that because Long Tail Pro is a monthly subscription fee based software that runs on your computer.

My reasoning for leaving Long Tail Pro was simply because I wasn’t utilizing it enough to justify the expense. There is a $1, ten day trial, so if you’re looking to buy Long Tail Pro you can at least kick the tires and see if it’s for you.

Power Suggest Pro Keyword Research Tool

I have been an internet marketer for quite some time and have only recently heard about this product through other internet marketers whom I respect very much. I will honestly tell you that at the time of this writing I have NOT tried this tool but am very much considering it because of the cost. You can buy Power Suggest Pro at a one-time low cost of $57 and find out for yourself if it lives up to the high praise it’s receiving from fellow internet marketers. It should be another great tool to add to your SEO and internet marketing tool box.